TOP 3 Budget cameras for front & rear recording

We have tested a number of dual channel dash cameras and came up with our TOP 3 choices for most drivers. These cameras record not only the front, but also the rear of your vehicle. Having a rear camera could prove to be very useful as it is a great extra insurance if you get in tailgating accident or you are a victim of road rage.

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November 8, 2017: This article is still under construction. We wanted to notify our website-only visitors that we have a new review. Raw videos and detailed information will be added later.

Our Video Review

Our top pick: Mini 0906

The $130 Mini 0906 is our top recommendation for most drivers. It’s a great unit with 1080p on both cameras, and it delivers the performance and reliability that has not been found in cameras under $200.

Unlike most budget dual channel setups the Mini 0906 uses capacitors which are more reliable and heat resistant, so your camera is less likely to fail and need replacing. The majority of other setups we looked at use batteries which can swell in hot weather and damage your camera.

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Our cheapest pick: Pruveeo F5

If you don’t have the money to buy our top recommendation the Mini 0906 but still want a dual channel camera, the $60 Pruveeo F5 is the cheapest dual channel setup we could find. It has OK video quality backed up by decent customer service. It is a notable downgrade from our top pick as it uses batteries and has worse video quality.

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Our pick for parked recording: Blackvue DR490

The $210 Blackvue DR490 doesn’t necessarily fit under the budget tag, but it is one of the cheapest dual channel options with a better parking mode and a strong company behind it.

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