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Hi there, it’s Andrew. I make dash camera reviews and guides to help other safe drivers. I’m creating content full time in order to answer the questions around “what’s the best cameras for ____” or “how do I _____” with videos.

While I have a few small costs like server fees and cameras I’m bringing on staff to help improve and increase the amount of content I make. Each review is a labour of love taking around 70 hours to complete as I exhaustively test each camera, write and refine the script for clarity, film and edit the video.

If you would like to contribute directly I would be most grateful. You’re also indirectly helping to protect other safe drivers. Please use the link below:

Update: December 8, 2016

Dash cameras you helped me purchase:
• A118C-V2 (Upgrade to the A118C)
• DDPai Mini2 (Hoping it would be a great cylindrical, WiFI Camera, Nope)
• Aukey DR01 (Wanted a replacement for the Transcend 200, this camera doesn’t rotate enough)
• Rexing V1 (Popular camera, wanted to get my hands on it to show it’s the same as the A118)

Buying my own camera to equipment helps to increase trust and transparency. As well I don’t need to wait on a company rep. Consumer reports practices this because it’s the right way to do reviews.

I do want to purchase better camera gear in the future to show the details but I feel doing the real work in analyzing cameras is more important

Thank you for the help!

Andrew Lam
-Founder of Car Cam Central
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