Viofo G1W-S Review – Best $60 Warm Weather Dash Cam

After testing many budget cameras we found the $55 Viofo G1W-S (average price in Aug 2017) the best cheap pick for warm climates. Viofo has upgraded the original with better video hardware and adds their reputation of good quality control.

The G1W-S also uses a glass lens which means there’s no loss of focus in hot weather as can be found in our cool weather pick the $50 Yi Dash Cam (average price in Aug 2017). It also uses capacitors not lithium ion batteries for better reliability in hot weather.

Our Video Review

Work In Progress
Aug 22nd, 2017: This article is still under construction. We wanted to notify our website-only visitors that we have a new recommendation.

Our $100 upgrades. It is worth spending an extra $40 over our $60 pick.

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Why do most sellers call this G1W-S a “super capacitor” model? Can the capacitor keep the motion sensor working (i.e. take recording when motion is detected) when the car is switched off (e.g. in parking, etc)?