Vicovation Launches a New Line of Dash Cameras

Looks like I’m a bit late to the party – Vicovation a popular Taiwanese manufacturer of dash cameras has launched on September 10th a new lineup of cameras in addition to a redesigned website.  The Vico-TF series is their new generation of camera, smaller and more functional while packing a whole host of upgrades over the older Vico-DS2 model.

There are two cameras released the “Vico TF2 Premium” and the “Vico-TF1“.

Their  premium TF2 continues to work at 75C (167F) compared to 65C in their cheaper models.  Vicovation also poked fun at Korean manufacturers in the process . “有鑑於精巧的韓國機在亞熱帶遇到的散熱問題” roughly translated means “Due to the failure of Korean cameras in subtropical conditions there might be problems with heat dispersion”.

The cheaper Vico-TF1 is a smaller version of the older DS2 model with a battery for a quick record while parked.

Features found below:

I also found their quick release bracket quite interesting, so now you have a choice of three mounts to use (tape, windshield and quick release).  It’s looks easy to use, on the other it leaves a giant plastic shroud (does this scream steal me – or will people think it’s a cell phone holder?).

Both are currently slated for release in October 2012.

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  • Don Miller II

    No GPS?

    • Andrew Lam

      Doesn’t look like it.

      For me it’s not a big factor as the use of GPS to refute speeding tickets hasn’t been tried in court (to my knowledge, I’m still looking). I did find one user who used his Android device and presented the GPS data as evidence but the Judge ultimately threw out the ticket because of lack of evidence by the prosecution.

      Is GPS a big factor in your decision?

  • Ap16543

    It’s a great, quality product. Video quality is amazing too!

    And NO GPS is not factor for me….. That’s why I have a Tom Tom :)