Best Dash Cameras in 2017

We tested numerous dash cameras and published our reviews here and on our YouTube channel. This page is a summary of “what’s best”, “what’s affordable” and “what’s a good value”.

If you want to learn about how to pick a dash camera you can see our Buyer’s Guide. Otherwise enjoy the many hours of work condensed into one simple page.


Jan 8th, 2017: Added our latest budget camera roundup

Nov 25th: Removed the Blackvue DR650GW-2Ch and replaced it with the Thinkware F770 which is a better camera for most drivers

Oct 24: Added the Vicovation OPIA2 as a new premium camera pick

Aug 1st: Added the Viofo A119 as our top dash camera pick.

Top 5 Budget Cameras ($100 or Less)

We have full reviews for most of the cameras if you scroll down below.

Review of our Top Pick: Viofo A119

If I could only pick one dash camera it would be Viofo’s A119. For the first time a budget dash camera has all the essential features: great video quality, capacitors for better reliability, useful warning notifications and it’s stealthy.

Watch our video above or see our written review for more information and places to buy the camera.

See the Price on Amazon (USA/UK)See the Price on eBay (International)

Best Budget Black Boxes

XiaoYi (XiaoMi) Yi – $70

If You Need Wifi and a Camera that Rotates

Update:July 20th
Since the Viofo A119 was released the Yi is no longer our top pick. Still, the Yi is better than the A119 in three ways. It’s cheaper, has WiFi to easily watch/transfer videos to your smartphone and can face the side windows to capture police encounters. The Yi is not recommended for hot environments as it uses lithium ion batteries.

Read Our Full Yi Review

See the Yi’s Price on Amazon (USA, CAD, UK) $70 from GeekBuying

Transcend DrivePro 200 – $100

Reliable Camera for Hotter Environments
Transcend Drive Pro 200 Dash Camera Overhead

This is a good camera for anyone who prioritizes reliability. It has a two-year warranty which is the best right now. The biggest drawback is the night video quality. I think the A119 is the better buy but the A119’s reliability is not proven while the Transcend 200 is battle tested and proven.

Read our full Transcend DP200 Review

See the Price on Amazon (USA/UK)

A118-C (B40-C) – $50

Cheap Stealthy Camera
A118 Profile Dash Camera

The A118-C was once our top stealth pick but with the release of the A119 I would not buy the A118 unless it was $50 or less. Compared to the A119 it has significantly worse video quality and poor warning notifications. The value from purchasing this camera has diminished greatly and it’s not worth the premium from a local retailer.

Read our full A118-C Review

$50 from eBay (Taiwan)

Premium Dash Camera Recommendations

Watch this video first

Thinkware F770-2CH – $400

Top Parking Mode Camera

If you’re looking for your next dash camera that has excellent parked recording for the front and back of your vehicle, the Thinkware F770 is a great choice. It has some of the best video quality for dual channel systems, great functionality which includes an automatic video backup for any g-sensor incidents.

It’s black body is specifically designed for the North American market to be stealthy. It also incorporates a thermal protection sensor which shuts down the camera when it’s over 75°C. As well it uses 23% less energy than the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH which means you can record for longer

The downside like all dual channel cameras system is the video quality relative to cost. It’s a $400 system but it doesn’t come close to the video quality of the $100 Vifo A119. It is easier to install as everything is included except the microSD. As well it has Thinkware’s history of exceptional quality control which means better reliability

Read our Thinkware F770 Review

Use coupon code “carcamcentral20” for $20 off your order of $400 or more

$400 from BlackboxMyCar See the Price on Amazon

Vicovation OPIA2 – $250

Best Heat Resistant Dash Camera that Rotates

If you’re looking for a premium dash camera that rotates 360° this camera is your only choice. Luckily it’s a great camera. It has amazing video quality, heat resistant up to 75°C/167°F for hot & humid environments and finally a good parking mode.

The issue with error notifications has been fixed with the latest software. If you want to record anything that happens on the side or police encounters this is the camera for you. Truck drivers would also be an ideal user. If you want something stealthier and heat resistant you’ll want to look at the Street Guardian SG9665GC.

Read our Vicovation OPIA2 Review

See the OPIA2’s Price on Amazon

Choosing the Right SD Card

Certain SD cards have better durability which is important as dash cameras put a lot of wear and tear on the memory card which can cause it to fail overtime. Certain features like MLC memory are important but it’s not obvious what to purchase. We wrote up a guide and made a video which goes in detail and explains our recommendations.

We have two quick recommendations


Transcend High Endurance

Optimized for dash cameras and has error correction codes. The card used by Novatek engineers to test their image processors which are found in many dash cameras. Only a 2-year warranty.

See the Price on Amazon

Lexar 633x

Has a good history of use with dash cameras and cheaper with a lifetime warranty.

See the Price on Amazon

Promising Dash Cameras

These cameras we haven’t reviewed but have researched. These are car DVRs we could probably recommend based on other reviews and intuition but will wait until they are fully tested.

Street Guardian SG9665C – $200

The Hope: Reliability & Stealthiness Under Very Hot Weather
Street Guardian SG9665GC - Front Angle

The Street Guardian has been praised for it’s reliability and focus on performance under hot weather. The camera looks the same as the A118 on the outside, but the hardware within has been significantly improved.

It adds a glass lens, more powerful image sensor and a Sony Exmor sensor for better video quality. A metal lens holder was added to prevent temperature related focus shifts. The owner is frequently on Dash Cam Talk to discuss issues and fix problems as reported by users.

See the Price on Amazon

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What about Möbius 2 camera?


Hello Andrew. Great reviews, bye the way. I want to buy one or two car cameras to cover both front and rear; I drive along narrow, winding country roads here in the UK to work early, including in winter when it’s dark, and find many oncoming drivers encroaching onto my side of the road, nearly clipping my car, and many impatient drivers tailgaiting, driving aggressively behind. In winter, the rear camera would ideally see registration/licence plates even though headlights are used, but this is probably too much to ask. I don’t mind two cameras too much if the registration number evidence is better – a little inconvenience, but also if one breaks then it’s only that one I have to replace. I’ve been interested in your reviews of the 2 channel Thinkware F770 ($270) and the Viofo a119 (£75) and a119s (£100). Obviously, if I wanted two of the single cameras it would be double that price. What would you do? Registration numbers both ways would be useful, I think, at least in daylight.


Hi Andrew, would you recommend the VicoVation OPIA2 for use in the winters of the GTA? It’s official operating temperature range is 0C to 75C so I’m worried it won’t work in the winter when it gets to < -10C (car parked outside).


Thank you for some very well researched and informative information.
Getting rid of my 6-yr old $69 unit which has reverted to selective recording, usually AM only.

DDpai M6+ appears to be a reasonably made camera with quality video, both day and night.

Would love to hear your opinion.



Hello Andrew, Please can you give some advise on the Pros and Cons between the DR650S-2CH and the Thinkware F770? Struggling to decide between the 2 of them


Hey mate
wanted to ask your thoughts
DDPai mini 2 or M4 +
Goluk T range
XiaoYi (XiaoMi) Yi
I am trying to pick but I cant 🙁


what would you say has the better picture?
DDPai mini 2 or M4 +
Goluk T range


Hi I find it very difficult to find the Goluk T3, but amazon and ebay are full of Goluk T1, which seems more expensive than T3. Which one is better, T1 or T3? Thanks


In the Top Premium Cam video you point out that the Street Guardian SG9665GC V3 has better video quality, but once the sample video starts you say that it is no longer as good as before. I’m a little confused as to what you were really trying to say. Thanks


Hi Andrew,
I’ve been researching dash cams for a couple of months now trying to decide what cam I want to get. Just wondering if you will review the qvia ar790. It looks like it can replace the thinkware as top 2ch model and a way better price point. Only problem is because it’s new there aren’t any reviews on it but did see a couple of sample videos which were very impressive especially the rear cam at 1080 30fps. Anyways looking forward to you input in this.

Darshan J

Hi Andrew,
I am in market for my first dashcam, Your videos helped in knowing a great deal about these. I was about to pull trigger on Viofo A119S but saw this Rove A12-60 – 2.7K Quad HD 1440P at 60fps ( This is based on new A12-A75 chipset and specs looks promising. Since there are not many options available for the cams based on this chipset, can you help me in knowing if this is worth taking risk (no reviews for Rove cameras too). This looks like 201S but I am not sure if this is same.
I am looking for best image quality in daylight and very good at nights. Since i may be using the cam in rental cars few times a month, I prefer suction mount type of installation.
Thanks for your help.

PS Tsai


I’m looking to buy 3 dash cam & would like to know if you could recommend (or rank the order) which one to get among the following.

Garmin Dash Cam 20
Good A119
Goluk T3

Thank you,


PS Tsai

Sorry automatically spelling correction. I meant Viofo A119


Hey there Andrew, appreciate your reviews on dashcams. Id value your opinion on which dashcam is better/preferred. Im looking at either the Viofo A119s or the Rexing S300, canadian driving conditions, cost difference isnt a major issue for me. Any feedback would be welcomed, cheers!!


Hello, I currently have a Viofo A119 but I need a second dashcam for another vehicle. To stay in the same budget or a little more I would like to have a dashcam with wi-fi and I thought about the Thinkware X350 … Is it a good choice … I need your opinion

Jim Kenny

just got VIOFO A119S from amazon on friday the 13 …could not get it to record ..flashing red and beeping… returning…will get something that has been on the market for a while…


Hey Doug, I would get the new A119S or the newest Street Guardian. I have the A119S (hasn’t been reviewed here yet) and love it. As for the stealth I seriously doubt that people first look for a dash cam before they become an a-hole. I’m sure the stealth they are referring to is for hiding the camera so that people don’t see it and want to steel it from your car. Most of them are small and you don’t want some huge camera in your view while your trying to drive. If people screw with your car at home then just invest in a decent home surveillance system. Costco carries some that are pretty good for sub $600. Good Luck!


Hope this thread/discussion isn’t so old that my tacking on is silly. Thinking about buying a dashcam. Since my home is plastered with signs warning would-be burglars that I have videocams on site, I’m inclined towards something that screams to other drivers “Don’t even THINK about screwing with me; you’re on camera”. Yet everybody seems to value instead “stealthiness”.
What do you think? If I’m worried about theft, I should get something easily removable, right? But driving around, don’t I want my dashcam to be visible?


Hi Andrew,
Having seen a couple of your videos I can tell you’re very sharp and smart, congratulations on your website! I can also tell you live somewhere in the GTA. So, here’s the deal:
* I am politically active and my middle name is controversy, so I’m constantly exposed to people who don’t know how to disagree in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately one common way people express their political orientation is by damaging other people’s property. All of which to say, I have had my share of car keying and it really drives me nuts! For this reason I’m looking for a front and rear setup, as long as it is reasonably priced. I can’t afford the Thinkware F770, so, my instincts tell me that I should probably get two Viofo A119 –does this sound crazy?
I’m not very talented with electronics but I do own a motomaster nautilus battery pack that I got from crappy tire. Would it make sense to plug the camera to the 12-volt power socket while driving, then switching to the battery pack while parking? This would mean that I would have to charge the battery pack every other night, but hey, what can you do!
* I live in Hamilton and commute to Toronto early in the morning. I’m sure that you’re aware of the nasty traffic accidents occurring almost everyday by folks either texting, bullying or trying to make it to work in record time thus endangering the lives of everyone around them. I wonder what would happen if the camera community began recording these people and sending the footage to the police? Do you know what are the legal consequences of reporting crazy drivers to the police in Ontario?


Excellent, just absolutely excellent content that you guys are producing. That is all.

Thanks and keep up the good work Andrew.


Hi Camcentral
Thanks for all the review videos
Can you please help me decide between these 3 cams
1.Z Edge3 – 2K Ultra Full HD1296P 2560×1080 – 99$ Amazon
2. A119 Viofo – 1440p 30fps – 89$ Amazon
3. Dome D201-1 – 2.7LCD A12 Super HD 1440P H.264 170 degree Night Vision- 102.99 Amazon


dome id bad deal, trash, suction cup SUCKS!!!!!, customer service sucks, sd card port is bad too, you miss easy and put your sd card inside the camera, you want to trash your money, DOME is your choice……..I bought 2 a trash 200.00 in gearbest web site


and how is DDPai Mini2 ?
is it better than the 3 I listed above?

Kathy B

Hi Andrew,
Blackvue 1 or 2 channel
Is it possibly to start with the front camera only and then add the rear camera at a later date? $$
I’m looking to invest in the a great parking mode camera and found that the blackvue is highly recommended.
Thanks for your informative page and videos!

Gaurav Bhargava
Gaurav Bhargava

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the great info here and on the youtube channel.
I am looking for an all round solution for my car. Requesting your thoughts. $200. I need the following
Front and back dash cam with GPS to track the location of the video. With wifi for live transfer if needed.
And the same should act as security cams when the car is parked. Capturing images when motion is detected nearby or vibration in car.
Anything like this out there or i need to do my own hack.


What do you know about the Vantrue X1? I’ve been looking into getting it but I would appreciate a more professional opinion on the dash cam.


Hi Andrew. I’m (relatively) new to the dash cam community and have been looking into getting one of my own recently. I don’t have a very big budget but I’m also not looking for anything too fancy (such as built in wifi or dual cameras although I may look into these later on). I am looking for a dash cam that at least has loop recording and g-sensor features. I would also like it to have decent night vision. Do you have any recommendations for dash cams with these features? I have been looking into the Conbrov Dc6000 and it so far seems like a decent choice for the price. Any thoughts on this particular dash cam?
Also, should I be concerned over stealth?
Thank you!


I’m seeing lots of ads for the GT300 1080P Car Dashcam. what do you think of it ?thanks


Hello, after watching your review of the 119 series I do not believe it is the system I need with the messed up controls. What I am looking for is a law enforcement quality meaning what they use in their own vehicles with decent function, options night operation low light capabilities in southern US summer conditions with premium video quality what is actually on the market? Please no Amazon pricing…they are trailer trash as a business!!!!


Hey Andrew, just recently stumbled on your site as I was checking out reviews for dash cams. Read a lot of great info on dash cam especially for new owners (soon to be). I’m looking into getting my first one. Im looking for a good quality video dash cam that has a dual camera. I’ve read in other reviews that rear cams is a waste of money to get and does not deliver a good quality video. But Ive also read some great reviews on the Blackvue dual cam but unsure of the quality of the rear camera. Im really torn as to which one to get. Either to get the dual camera or just the one that shows the front. Would you be able to help me out and probably give me some suggestions? It would be a really great help. My budget is anywhere below $300. Thanks in advance! ^_^


Hey Andrew Big fan of your channel and site, i’m currently debating on buying a thinkware f50 or a a119. which would you recommend? the thinkware is in stock at my local bestbuy but the a119 i would have to order online, don’t really mind the wait if it’s worth it though. Thanks in advance keep up the great work!

Alex Mermelstein
Alex Mermelstein


Can’t wait for your Viofo A119 review. It looks like the choice camera for me. But I can’t tell if it has a parking sensor or not. In other words, a motion detector that starts recording when it senses motion in the field of view. Same thing with G-sensor. I contacted Spy Tec, as they’re local to me in NYC, and they said it doesn’t have either of those options. Yet online research says it does, though it’s not apparent in any documentation I’ve found. If I were to go with the A119, I’d probably get two (one for the back).

On that note, I’m looking for a camera that combines the features of the Blackvue DR3500 (minus the cloud and wifi, don’t really need that) with the discreet-ness and video quality of the A119. Price isn’t really an issue for me as I’m a firm believer in “You get what you pay for.” I’m willing to spend a few hundred dollars to get a high quality device that’ll last a long while. I work in professional video, so video quality is very important to me. Anything over 15 mbps would work, doesn’t have to be 1296 or 1440, normal HD is fine. The higher the bitrate, the better.


Also looking at the Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 2016.

How important is it to record the rear of the vehicle?


Very important to record the rear of the vehicle. Two weeks ago, as I was in the far right land of the freeway, I got slammed from the side — into the front left of my car — fortunately missing ME in the driver’s seat — by someone who seemed to come out of nowhere. He/she took off at the exit and I was unable to catch the car. I suspect the driver has either been racing, or texting, or otherwise driving unsafely/erratically before hitting me. Since the moment of impact was out of my field of vision, it would have been nice to have the rear view camera to get the moment leading up to impact, as well as a license # . As it is, I was unable to catch the driver or get a license #, so I now have to pay the $750 deductible. That’s a lot more expensive than investing in a high-quality, full-featured camera, so I know what features I’m looking for! A cautionary tale for everyone who’s looking for a cheap camera. Check how much your insurance deductible is and be prepared to spend at least that amount of money on a camera, because if you can’t identify the driver who hit you, you’re going to be spending that money anyway to pay for your deductible. Wouldn’t you rather spend it on the camera??

simon Suh

Hello Andrew & company. My name is Simon. Saw your review for May 2016 top dashcams, then came across your website. (I just tweeted that the email link isn’t working.)

I was wondering what would be the best setup for a uber/lyft driver? I’ve been searching for a good reviewed product, but something is always lacking when it comes to dual lens dashcams.

Things I’m looking for: ability to record inside the car with audio, so that I have record of negative passengers. Ability to record outside with an equipment that is fairly heat resistant as I live in sunny California. Something that is stealthy (wiring and unit), as I don’t want the vehicle to tempt people to break into. Something that can transfer files easily (possibly wifi) so that there isn’t need to remove the unit or move it to reach to get sd card.

It might sound like I’m trying to get the best of all worlds, but I really would appreciate your feedback. Should I look into getting two separate cameras (inside and out) or is there a unit you would recommend?  Of course affordability is a concern, but I don’t mind spending the money to have one great unit to avoid having to splice wires for 2 units to share 1 power source/outlet.

Again. I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration.


P.S.- Saw that you updated the comment section on your youtube video today. Will be waiting for the next video(s). Keep up the good work!

Caroline McArdle
Caroline McArdle

Hi I’m looking for you to recommend to me a quality budget dual dash cam (2 cameras) with motion detection that can record whilst the car is parked during the day and at night time as I’ve had my car vandalised on numerous occasions, including someone putting a substance in the fuel tank and it blew the engine, windscreen cracked and tyres slashed.
It’s my beloved BMW so I need to keep it safe. I live in Ireland so the weather never really reaches past 25c during the Summer time.

I know nothing about dash cams so I have a few questions, is it necessary to connect any such cameras to an external power source when the car is parked and not using the 12v socket in the car or would it run on it’s own battery power until it’s got a source of power again when the ignition is turned on?
Also are there any cameras that are able to be connected to an app on a smartphone where it notifies you if the motion detection is activated and recording starts and it shows the live recording on your smartphone? Your feedback is very much appreciated 🙂 Keep up the great work!


Hi Andrew,

Upon finding your website/YouTube channel, I was convinced on purchasing the blackvue 3500 for my front and back.

After reading your articles, I’m really interested in the xiaoyi dash cams. I think it’s a great value camera that provides every feature the blackvue offers…… besides parking mode.

Now I also live in Toronto and I’m wondering if you think it’s worth getting the blackvue 3500 (or any other models) for the additonal $$$.

I get annoyed with getting dents and scratches all over my car. I do understand that the cameras would only capture the front+back; so if I were to get a dent from someone’s door on my door…. would the dash cam really help here? Also mind you that most of the time this happens in parking lots where insurance deems the claim as 50/50….

What’s your opinion Andrew?


Again your recommendations and short reviews are spot on. I’m thoroughly impressed and recommending your site to many others. I know there are hundreds of different cameras out there and you can’t possibly look at all of them but I was wondering if you ever looked ant the Thinkware cameras. Their new F50 may be a stunner.
Thanks again.

mantu gaul

one thing is missing, that is the amount/size file produce for each minute, for example Xiaoyi is producing 150MB/minute recording & garmin GDR35 is only 60MB/minute…i think this is curcial because it will affect the length of the recording capability in your memory card…please do make a table comparison for each camera regarding of file size per minute…thanks

Aaron Cain

I plan on using one, or two (for rear view), cameras in my vehicle – the Yi sounds like an excellent buy, but no mention of GPS functionality.

Also, I live in the southwest which can easily reach 100 degrees or more during the summer so the warning about battery life (are they replaceable?) is of considerable concern. As such, have you done a review (or plan on) of capacitor powered units? I’ve only seen one so far.

Secondary to the Yi I was looking at the Rexing V1 (or whichever is latest) which is similar in shape to the 118 you reviewed (are the two the same?), though you used the 118 as a ‘bad’ version during comparison shots.

Geoff S

Do you have any personal knowledge of whether or not heat affects the Xiaomi Yi Car DVR? I know a couple of guys have said that they experienced some blurring but the majority of users worldwide have never experienced such an event. In fact, those reports have been called complete nonsense and a fairytale.

Andrew Lam

Hey Geoff,

Honestly I couldn’t give a good answer. There was one (which could be an anomaly) of heat changing the focus. They were recording with the windows rolled up under hot weather which is not recommended for a lithium ion camera such as the XiaoYi.

It’s really too soon to tell. However I trust the engineering of XiaoYi and it helps that they’ve attached a heatsink to the image processor. Few companies have done such a thing.

You can see the video here:

Good point about the memory cards. There hasn’t been that much demand in North America (outside of truckers) for 128GB compatibility. I’ll take the reference if you have it handy. In the future I’ll probably have a sorting system to make it easier to find the cameras.

Thanks for the comment Geoff.

John Be

Hey – if you’ve got any news about this focus-heat issue, tell us ASAP 🙂 Thanks!
I also know that the Xiaomi action cam has got problems with focus – it’s set too close and the background is out of focus – it’s not the case with the dash cam? Could you upload some raw files from the camera somewhere? I’d be so much grateful. Cheers and keep up these quality reviews!