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Latest News

Ausdom A261 & Dome D201 Reviewed

March 9, 2016 Ausdom_Dome_Header

We compared two budget cameras with great video quality. Ausdom is great but has a critical flaw. Keep an eye out on Ausdom in the near future. Avoid Dome.

These aren’t new cameras but are still popular and will serve as a good comparison for future reviews.

New Review Released

Febuary 22, 2016 3Retail_Papago_Garmin_Transcend_Header

We looked at 3 name-brand models: Garmin 20, Papago GoSafe 200 and Transcend DrivePro 200. You’ve probably seen them at places like Best Buy.

These aren’t new cameras but are still popular and will serve as a good comparison for future reviews.

Got Into An Accident On Christmas

January 15, 2016

Ran into this gentleman on Christmas evening (ignore date stamp). Nice guy but clearly misguided on the rules of the road. I couldn’t believe his explanation! Read more below on damages and the camera used.

Total accident damage – $1500 in parts, $1500 in labour. Overall glad there was no injuries and everyone returned to their family dinners that night shortly after this video was taken.

  • Geoff S

    Keep up the good work, Andrew. It’s a refreshing change to see other dashcams mentioned and reviewed other than those put forward by a certain dashcam forum.
    I have long been of the impression that there are many very good quality cams that we hardly ever hear about.

    • Thanks Geoff, really appreciate the comment.

      My thoughts exactly. I find there are many unreviewed retail cameras which are often the first cameras consumers will see first.

      I also have a different emphasis compared to other reviewers. I think the ability to know your camera is working is just as important as video quality. I’ve heard too many stories where the camera dies but someone doesn’t know until they get into an accident.

      The Garmin 20 is a good example, bad video quality but it does a lot of things well to make it easy on the consumer.

      I’ll do my best to keep pushing out content.

  • While the driving public may not have used dash camera systems in the past, that could change in the near future as drivers become more aware of the potential benefits. If you get into an accident or have another issue on the road, a dash cam may provide proof of what actually happened and if there was any foul play

    • Sorry dashcamz, this message was captured in the spam folder. I agree. I’m also hoping with more dash cameras other people’s behavior will also improve.