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We review dash cameras and give recommendations based on our hands on testing.

To quickly learn what we think is the best budget and premium cameras for 2017 see our two video guides:

To learn more see on article on Best Dash Cameras of 2016. If you want to learn how to pick a dash camera see our Buyer’s Guide.

Latest Updates

Z-Edge S3 and S4 – not as good as they look on paper

February 21, 2018 The Z-Edge S3 and S4 models look like great values on paper, but during the research for our budget dual channel camera review we ruled them out as viable options because of their limited availability outside of the USA and other reasons like less reliability in warm weather.

Viofo WR1 – A Small and Heat-Resistant Dash Cam

January 19, 2018

After fully testing the Viofo WR-1 we think it’s a good choice for people who want a small, heat-resistant camera that can rotate 360°. However, the WR-1 isn’t our first choice for most drivers unless you want it’s compactness and full coverage. Find out what we think of this camera.

Yi 2.7K – Not Great Value?

January 5, 2018

We took a deeper look at the Yi 2.7K Ultra Dash camera. It has one of the highest available resolutions in dash cameras right now. It also has voice control functions and great app functionality. Unfortunately, it’s not a good pick for warm weather because of the battery. Overall it’s improvements don’t justify it’s $100 price tag.

The Best Dual Channel Dash Cameras

November 7, 2017

We have tested a number of dual channel dash cameras and came up with our TOP 3 choices for most drivers. These cameras record not only the front, but also the rear of your vehicle. Having a rear camera could prove to be very useful as it is a great extra insurance if you get in tailgating accident or you are a victim of road rage. Read the Article Here

Anker Roav Reviewed – Not Good in Hot Weather

September 28, 2017

We tested one of the most popular cameras in the market – the Anker Roav. The Roav is not a bad buy for those who live in a cooler climate. It has a unique parking mode which is handy for people who don’t want to hardwire their camera. See our video to learn what we think about this camera.

Best $60 Dash Camera for Warm Weather

August 22, 2017

After testing many budget dash cameras we think the Viofo G1W-S is the best option for drivers living in warm enviornments and don’t have money for our $100 upgrade pick the Viofo A119.

Dash Cameras for Uber, Taxi, and Lyft Drivers

July 10th, 2017

After 100+ hours of research and testing we came up with 4 cameras for taxi and ridesharing drivers we recommend from budget to premium models. If you move passengers professionally, these cameras are for you.

Dash Camera Problems & Solutions

July 4th, 2017

After reviewing 20+ cameras we get many questions on common problems with the cameras we recommend. We’re launching a new resouce to hopefully answer some of the questions on how to fix your camera and get it running.

Thinkware F770 Dual Channel Review Launched

Nov 24th, 2016

We think Thinkware’s F770 is a pricey, albeit great front and back dash camera. Great for parked recording and a new body made specifically for North America to be more stealthy. Read more here.

Parking Mode Guide Released

Sept 14, 2016 parking_mode_installation_cameras_banner

I get a lot of questions about capturing vandals or hit and runs in parking lots. Here’s a guide on which dash cameras to pick, hardwiring equipment and installation.

Viofo A119 Review

August 1, 2016 Viofo_A119_Banner

The Viofo A119 is now our top value dash camera for it’s combination of stealthiness, capacitor design which increases reliability and great video quality. If I could only pick one camera to recommend, it would be the Viofo A119.

New SD Card Guide Launched

July 11, 2016 Vantrue_R2_Review_Banner

Choosing the right SD card for your dash camera can greatly improve reliability. We let you know what’s important.

Yi Dash Camera Reviewed

May 29th, 2016 XiaoYi_Smart_Dash_Camera

We review Yi Technology (XiaoMi) first dash camera and we’re a big fan. It’s a great camera for most drivers.

Garmin 20, Papago GS200 and Transcend DP200 Reviewed

February 22, 2016 Dash Cam 20, GoSafe 200, DrivePro 200 Side by Side on Tabletop

We looked at 3 name-brand models: Garmin 20, Papago GoSafe 200 and Transcend DrivePro 200. You’ve probably seen them at places like Best Buy.

These aren’t new cameras but are still popular and will serve as a good comparison for future reviews.

Got Into An Accident On Christmas

January 15, 2016

Ran into this gentleman on Christmas evening (ignore date stamp). Nice guy but clearly misguided on the rules of the road. I couldn’t believe his explanation! Read more below on damages and the camera used.

Total accident damage – $1500 in parts, $1500 in labour. Overall glad there was no injuries and everyone returned to their family dinners that night shortly after this video was taken.

Recent Dash Cam Deals

July 5th, 2016
A118C’s price dropped to $49 USD from GearBest. We recommended it here. Good stealthy pick but we think the XiaoYi Yi is a better pick for most drivers.

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Hi Andrew,

Have you heard of Viralsaur? I’ve been seeing their Ad online for a little while now. It might be something worth checking out for a budget car cam.


rd rd

Hi Andrew, looking forward to your Aukey DR02D review, I’m currently running this after trying a few different cameras. It out performs the Mini 0906, Blackvue 490L and Thinkware F770 for picture quality front and rear whilst recording at a reduced bit rate it still manages to capture more detail than the others and saves space on the mico sd card. Thinkware and Blackvue have better parking monitor but picture clarity in comparison are not good. Mini is a good effort but still not as clear as the Aukey, also not being close to the windscreen magnifies any dirt marks – you need a clean windscreen.


Hi Andrew,

Can you review rear view mirror dash cams?


Hi Andrew,
We have a super night vision dash camera with 4.5″ IPS touch screen. Are you interested in trying and reviewing this?


Andrew, your reviews are super awesome!!
Can you do one on the Vava dash cam?

Firstscene Frank
Firstscene Frank

Looks nice
But, we found that more and more WIFI Dash Cam are launched, is good?


I need a front and rear camera as a unit
In addition two important features
1. Parking mode
2. capasitor (warm country)

What camera is recommended for my requirements
I saw it, what do you think?

I’d love to hear about more products at a reasonable price


Can you review this: Dash Cam Pro 1080P HD DVR 2.45″ Screen 165 Degree Wide Angle
I’ve got a promo code L9BKRGDB to get 30% off.
the link
Thank you!


Viofo A119 A119S Rocking or Loose GPS Mount Issue


Viofo A119 A119S Rocking or Loose GPS Mount Issue. Foam pad covers vent holes.