Large Photo of the CR200HD & CR300HD

FINEVU’s CR200HD & CR300HD – Long Term Review

But Does It Blend? Most dash cameras stick with a traditional dark and rectangular design. FINEVu bucked the trend starting in late 2011 with the CR200HD. It was bright, barrel shaped and unlike anything else on the market. It was soon followed in 2012 with the more demure CR300HD. These were the first products released [...]

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A Long Term Review of Pittasoft’s DR400G-HDII

Reliability Under Pressure Reliability is the most important attribute in a dash camera, unfortunately it’s hard to measure with one review. You need time and lots of data points. Problem is by then the camera is outdated but it does give valuable information about the company. I’ve been extremely pleased with performance of the DR400G-HDII. [...]

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Video Review of DOD-Tech’s LS300W & LS330W

The review you’ve been waiting for! DOD-Tech’s LS300 & LS330W. We look at every aspect of this camera including reliability, build quality, user friendliness and more. New for this review are the results from our thermal oven and resolution charts. Summary Both cameras have preformed exceptionally well in our tests. The LS300W is for those [...]

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GuardTrak GT2S – The First Well Designed Camera for North America?

A forum regular and dash camera manufacturer Jokiin has shared information on his dash camera which has been under development for the last year. The camera has some innovative features and smart engineering not discussed or implemented in other cameras. Hardware Goals Mount: designed to get the GPS up against the glass for the best [...]

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Video Guide to Hiding Your Camera’s Wiring

We’ve answered your cries for a simple guide to hiding your wiring. No need to remove any panels or special tools required. All you need is to take a look at the video above and a bit inquisitive poking about your vehicle. We’ll be posting more advanced guides to hook up your camera directly to [...]

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DOD-Tech Canada Dash Camera Boxes

Video Preview of DOD-Tech’s 2013 Cameras

I had a chance to vist DOD-Tech Canada’s office in Markham, Ontario and I got my mitts on their latest 2013 spring cameras. We looked at four new cameras the (LS300W, LS430, TG300, VRH3) and one older model from 2011 (GSE580) which was the biggest surprise of my visit. For the above cameras they shared [...]

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Ultimate Dash Camera Buyers Guide

So you’ve decided to buy a dash camera? Like many have found doing the research seems the epic quest as there are 100+ models, scattered reviews, with the majority of discussions in Taiwanese, Korean or Russian. We’ve written a concise and easy to understand guide on dash cameras to help you find a model that [...]

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New Dash Cameras and Tech Trends for 2013

2013 has been a flurry of product launches and technological improvements. We’ll be covering great new cameras as well as tech features that will become more common as competition increases. What to Expect in 2013 Wide Dynamic Range Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) improves video quality when light intensity is widely different. When filming both dark [...]

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FineVu 2012 Lineup

FineVu is a South Korean dash camera company and is the #1 selling brand.  They recently launched three new cameras replacing the 720p CR200HD and CR300HD cameras.  Their biggest improvement is the addition of a Sony Exmor (edit – it’s not the “-r” sensor as was previously stated) sensor to all new models.  This sensor [...]

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